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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Family Vacation

September brought us quite a bit of family time this year. Gavin, Olivia and I took a short, but wonderfully sweet, trip to Colorado to visit my family for my littlest sister's wedding. A family vacation came right in time, because I think after such a busy summer and the F*Sho just two weeks back, we needed to recharge our batteries!

Here's a quick little photo roll of our trip.....

We spent the day out and about exploring the area. Neither Olivia nor Gavin had ever been to Colorado (at least not that Olivia can remember) so the mountainous views and native landscape was new to them. We went to Morrison, Co on Saturday afternoon, had lunch and the Red Rocks Grill, and the spent the rest of our time in Red Rocks Park. 

We then spent the evening at my littlest sister's wedding at the Mount Vernon Country Club in Golden, Co. Here she is during her ceremony on the beautiful deck of the Aspen Room overlooking miles and miles of mountains and city. The Aspen were just beautiful this time of year.

Photo by: PhotoChic Imagery & Design

The day after the wedding, we spent with my dad and family, which included a private tour of Beacon Printing, my father's print shop in Denver. I probably never told ya I was a printer's daughter, eh?

I have to say, it was so nostalgic to be back in my dad's shop. The smell of the ink and paper... and oil brought me back to being a kid again.

I'm also proud to say that Beacon Printing has a hand in all those super cool Conscious Alliance posters I've been eyeing up (and collecting!) for years. I love music poster art and Conscious Alliance has always brought the best posters, with the best cause, to the industry through ongoing, grassroots food collection and hunger awareness programs, primarily by organizing food drives at concerts and music events.The donations they collect benefit local food pantries nationwide and economically isolated Native American reservations.

We also stopped into Stockton's Plum Creek Stables which is owned and operated by family as well. Plum Creek Stables provides horseback riding lessons, trail rides on horseback, horse boarding, Picnics and Parties in their western town picnic area, hayrides through Chatfield State park, Native American field trips, Girl Scout and boy Scout activities and lots more.

Yes, this actually happened while we were there!

That's my Uncle Tim driving the hay ride.

And then home and moving on to next month.... We are filled with new ideas and plan to finish out the last half of this year with a bang!

All designs, illustrations and intellectual concepts are © 2014 - Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC

Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Cleveland F*Sho

I am SO proud of my husband, Gavin, and his colleagues from Deep in Design! Here are a few pieces that were displayed last night at the Cleveland F*Sho. The Cleveland  F*Sho is an independent furniture design event started by Jason Radcliffe, owner of 44Steel. This event began in 2008 and it continues to grow each and every year with approximately 2,200 people attending the event. 

It was an awesome show!! Plenty of food, drink, design, art and of course community. Thank you Cleveland for bringing it strong last night!!!

The 2014 show was held Sept 12, 5:00 to 10:00, St. John's Episcopal in Ohio City. It is the oldest standing church in Cuyahoga County. Free admission, food and drink. 


All work by Deep in Design Toldeo in collaboration with Gavin Lehman of Designer Wrought Iron


All designs, illustrations and intellectual concepts are © 2014 - Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search submission

Wow! Such amazing talent!

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search first round results were announced today and although I didn't make the Top 50, I'm still quite pleased with my design. In looking through the final gallery of all 999 submissions, the talent skill and vision of so many artists take on the same theme is pretty incredible.

But no worries! Life goes on! I'm busy busy over here in the studio with the Near & Dear series and A Fresh Bunch and generally feeling on top of the world!

Good luck to everyone in the Top 50! I'll be watching.... :)

All designs, illustrations and intellectual concepts are © 2014 - Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search is underway!

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search is underway! Last week Lilla received 999 entries for a chance to win 2 years representation by her studio and a plethora of other "dream come true" prizes including features, fabric lines, home decor lines etc. 

The assignment was to create wall art around the theme ‘little terrariums.’

Fact: I definitely work better under pressure! I kicked around ideas and drafts but never got to a final piece - I was convinced I wasn't going to submit. I even felt a HUGE amount of relief the night before it was due when I mentally let myself off the hook.... I'm crazy busy doing exactly what I love so it's okay to prioritize and sometimes that means not getting to do everything.... 

But then I woke up this morning with a fabulous idea!!! I cleared my schedule, ignored my family all day and created a piece I just love! Then, I hit submit.

Here's a sneak peek. I'll post my full entry along with a link to the gallery on August 26th.

Good luck to all Global Talent Search entries! I can't wait to see the gallery.... and remember, no matter what happens just keep making art! It's good for you. :)

All designs, illustrations and intellectual concepts are © 2014 - Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm one of The Bunch!

I'm so excited to announce that I am officially one of The Bunch! I have been chosen from a highly-selective global group of talent and I am now being represented by A Fresh Bunch! So far I've had 3 designs accepted by one of their clients with a whole list of possibilities ahead!

A Fresh Bunch works with hand-picked design talent from around the globe to design artwork for apparel, textiles, home, stationery, office, gift and tableware products.

Designs can be bought and downloaded instantly from their Marketplace, or you can commission custom projects. Marrying technology and good old-fashioned curation, A Fresh Bunch makes it easy for buyers to choose – instead of search for – the right art for their products.

You can view my member profile here: http://afreshbunch.com/member/brooke-witt

All designs, illustrations and intellectual concepts are © 2014 - Brooke Witt Art & Design, LLC
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